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Create awesome expert slideshows with limitless development management, awesome amazing resources and time-saving methods.

The greatest program for developing movie slideshows.
Create slideshows without restrictions. Add any amount of images, movie segments and music. Use an awesome choice of awesome resources and techniques

Powerful resources can still be simple and simple to use.
Automatic display development and immediate results make developing enhanced slideshows simple and simple. Work-flow that works with you, not against you

Take complete management when you need to.
Only Manufacturer allows you take complete management over your reveals. Change, modify, and personalize 'till your heart's content. Fine-tune, or make something entirely new

Share, post and sell in HD. On the internet or on your TV.
Over 40 ways to post at your pleasure. Circulation on Facebook or myspace or fb or fb or fb or fb, YouTube, your web or blogsite. Get rid of to DVD, CD or Blu-ray. Or go mobile on an iPad or iPhone


Professional slideshows your way.
Turn your images, movie segments and music into totally customized, expert movie slideshows for customers, near close relatives. With Manufacturer there are no limits; use limitless images, movie segments and results to turn your recommendations into reality.

Slick, enhanced reveals in moments.
Save a while to speed-up your work-flow with Producer's built-in expert. Create a display in just moments with several different expert designs perfect for marriages, activities, near near close relatives images, features and outdoor injections, travel digital cameras and more. When you're prepared to take complete management, ProShow Manufacturer offers up some seriously awesome resources and results to personalize every factor of your glide display.

Add ready-made designs & changes.
Turn your images and films into exciting layouts and enhanced animated design with a huge number of results available in ProShow Manufacturer. Just just just just just just click to evaluation and implement to any landscapes in your display. Duplicate everything from page changes and camera fast quick fast quick quick flashes to blurs and completes.

...Or, help help help create your own customized results.
Take the reins help help help help create your own customized results with Producer's keyframing, defending up and modification levels. and results. Create your own glide designs, changes and display layouts. Build a choice of your own, customized results for a structured work-flow and efficient slideshows

It's like having a development studio room room place area place at your pleasure.
Only ProShow Manufacturer gives you the features of films movie administrator with the ease-of-use of a glide display program. Mixture images and films together in nearly any way possible. Use the built-in movie more established to improve your films and use just the place you want. Convert movie segments to grayscale or sepia with one-click colorization results. Change the rate of your movie to make awesome, slow-mo sequence and implement any of Producer's glide designs to your video

Customize soundtracks and voiceovers.
Use Producer's audio manages to vegetation music, crossfade several paths, record voiceovers and set customized completes. For a fast fix, use auto-sync to instantly link your display to your music

Create headings that awesome.
Add words and headings that aggressive Showmanship. Use designs and personalize activity to make awesome animated design. Quickly make prevention reveals with published written written text macros from EXIF or IPTC meta-data.

Protect your images and brand your company.
Add an customized watermark to your glide display to effectively properly secured your images. Duplicate effectively properly secured your pushes with security security security password security, play-back security and avoid piracy of your images. Use Producer's marketing feature to promote your company. Add an customized start-up screen, symptoms and more.

Publish anywhere
Publishing your slideshows is simple, with over 40 popular kinds for viewing on TV, online, and devices. Quickly post reveals on Facebook or myspace or fb or fb or fb or fb YouTube and SmugMug. Get rid of straight to DVD, Blu-ray and CD. Add an experienced touch with Hollywood-style movie choices.

Minimum Requirements:

* Windows XP, Windows windows windows windows windows vista or 7
* 1024 x 768 display
* 1GHz+ processor
* 1GB program memory; (2 GB recommended)
* Improved 3D design – 64MB ram
* DirectX 8.0 or better
* DVD+R/RW/-R/RW writer
* 70 MB hard disk space

Supported Press Types:


Languages :
English, Russian


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